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Does bed linen price indicate the quality?

by Aliaksandr Parmon 29 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Sleep is an integral part of every person's life. Its quality is influenced by many factors, such as a well-fitting mattress, although it’s nevertheless important to choose the right bed set. Sets are released in countless designs and types and manufacturers ensure the highest quality of products. It makes choosing the perfect bedding even more difficult. Nowadays, for the most popular and widespread cotton, linen textiles are getting the biggest competition. 

Properties that surprise 

Flax bed linen was quite widely used in the past, although it was absolutely different from its modern version. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular step by step. It owes this to its surprising properties, which convince many demanding customers. For those who put health first, flax can be a real hit. Linen bedding is characterized first of all by the fact that it has a bacteriostatic effect, thanks to which it doesn’t let bacteria multiply. What other factors influence the growing popularity of this elegant-looking bedding?

  • Thanks to the replacement of ordinary linen bedding, the skin will be able to breathe freely and release carbon dioxide, and also maintain the right temperature of the whole body regardless of the season. Flax is extremely breathable, thanks to which it passes a large amount of air. In summer, often during unbearably hot nights, this material can cool the body temperature by up to 4 degrees, while in winter it works quite the opposite, providing heat insulation and comfort of thermoregulation. During sleep, the skin will also retain its freshness, as linen bedding can absorb more than 15% of moisture. 
  • Linen bedding is a great solution for people struggling with allergies. The material has antistatic properties and doesn’t contain allergens, so it doesn’t accumulate dust and doesn’t cause any skin rash. It is also recommended for people struggling with atopic dermatitis. Flax is so safe and gentle that it creates ideal sleeping conditions even for newborn babies from their very first days.
  • Linen bedding is extremely durable. It doesn’t stretch, is not flexible and doesn’t shrink, regardless of the amount of use or washing. Flax is a fabric that is two times more durable than the previously mentioned cotton and its damage by, for example, tearing is practically impossible. After each subsequent washing, flax becomes more smooth and pleasant to the touch, which is another interesting property that distinguishes it from other textiles.
  • Delicate creases on linen sheets are characteristic and don’t require ironing. Naturally occurring wrinkles give the original appearance, so that the bedding always looks neat and elegant.
  • Flax is characterized by an amorphous structure, which makes it a material that is easy to clean, regardless of the type of dirt or their amount. It is also resistant to all types of pollen and mold.
  • Linen textiles affect the ionization of air.
  • Thanks to the use of natural substances, linen bedding is environmentally friendly. It does not contain any hidden, harmful to health impurities, or heavy metal. It is also biodegradable, which is of great importance in the era of the growing problem of pollution of the planet with all kinds of textiles.
  • Linen duvet cover absorbs odors well, so the freshness after washing lasts much longer than on any other material. This extremely durable type of bedding does not require any complicated maintenance, although it is worth paying attention to the instructions posted on the label of the product, as they can be different depending on the manufacturer. The main and most important rule to remember is to wash linen on the left side, preferably using an environmentally friendly cleaning products and the appropriate program. During the first wash, it is recommended to use cold water, although each subsequent wash can be carried out at an elevated temperature (not exceeding 60 degrees). This applies to bleached sets and in natural color. For colored bedding, it is recommended to keep the temperature up to 40 degrees. Linen can be dried in a dryer, and for ironing it is best to put on steam. An ordinary iron will also work great, flax tolerates high temperatures well, although taking into account the characteristics of the fibers of this material, it is recommended to keep it at lower settings.

Good value for money

Despite many properties of linen bedding listed above, its price still causes controversial opinions. For a set you have to pay even 3 times more than for ordinary cotton linen, although this is determined by many factors. Is linen worth its unusually high price? It is necessary to take into account the complex and long production process, the unique strength and health-promoting properties of flax. In a general comparison of linen sheets with any other, the conclusions come by themselves. For people who value high sleep comfort, or struggling with allergies, such an investment will certainly have its reflection in the well-being on a daily basis. Linen without any impurities, made of 100% pure flax, of course, will be proportionally more expensive. European ecological flax will also affect the price of the finished set, although at the same time it will additionally improve its quality. 

Linen bedding is undoubtedly timeless and irreplaceable. The natural fiber from which it is made is the strongest in the world and has no equal. Nowadays, the best solutions are ecological ones, so it's worth betting on 2-3 sets of linen bedding, rather than a dozen cotton ones, which will quickly change their appearance, regardless of the methods of their maintenance. It should also be mentioned that during the production of linen bedding, whole plants are used, which makes the amount of waste kept to a minimum. From an environmental point of view, it’s the number one!