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How to care for linen bedding

by Aliaksandr Parmon 29 Dec 2022 0 Comments

How to care for linen bedding to serve you well for years? 

Thinking about the choice of linen bedding for your bedroom, you will likely come across linen that is made of flax. Linen sheets are considered to be one of the best ones on the market and it’s for a reason. Such bed linen has got a variety of advantages for a customer. 

But what is the reason for such an opinion about flax bed linen? It’s better to make sure with it before buying. 

Linen bedding at home – properties 

Flax is quite unique. If you take care of linen bedding properly, it can be used for many years, keeping its useful features for peoples’ health. Linen bedding allows your skin to breath.

Linen bedding allows the skin to breathe because it’s breathable. Thanks to this, the carbon dioxide provided by body can be removed effectively so fresh air is able to get under the blanket. It allows to regulate body temperature. Therefore, it’s a good option not only for cool winter, but also for hot summer. 

This material is also friendly to people with different kind of allergies. It doesn’t contain any allergens or elements that can make it worse and doesn’t cause any skin rash because it has got antistatic properties instead. It means that such type of bed linen will not attract dust, which is harmful for people who are allergic to something.

Moreover, The Linen Duvet Cover has a bacteriostatic effect, so bacteria will not multiply in it. It the reason that this material once was used for bandages, in which mummies were wrapped in Ancient Egypt. As a result, the body didn’t decompose and could be preserved for a really long time despite the ubiquitous microbes. 

At what temperature you should wash linen bedding?

Linen bedding can be washed at home safely, without any laundry service. Different sources give different temperature norms, which it is best to wash it. The point is you need to choose the right washing temperature to clean flax from dirt and any invisible contaminants. At what temperature is it best to wash this type of equipment? It is considered to be: 

  1. Colored flax bed linen should be washed at a temperature of 40-60°C
  2. White flax bed linen should be washed at a temperature of 60-90°C

It is worth remembering to check the recommendations on the bed linen label before each washing. So you can avoid any extra troubles that might turn up because of wrong choice of temperature for bed linen. 

In addition to that, during washing flax materials, it is worth picking more delicate powders that will not get too deeply into the fabric. 

Choosing the appropriate settings in the washing machine, be sure to pick a delicate program that will not damage the natural structures of flax. It is best to wash only sheets or with materials of similar texture or color. The washing machine should be filled up to a maximum of half its size not to damage bed linen. You shouldn’t add any cleaning products to bed linen directly as well. Instead you had better add them to the appropriate dispenser, which you can find in almost every model of washing machine. It’s also good to set a rinse program to wash out all cleaning products from the fabric after washing. It will help to preserve its structure and increase the service life of the material significantly. 

How to dry flax textiles?

After pulling flax fabrics out of the washing machine, they shouldn’t be twisted or wrung out. In this way, creases might appear, which will be incredibly difficult to remove in the future. There are simple ways to dry the material. Drying linen sheets can be done in two different ways.

Firstly, you can use a tumble dryer safely. However, you should be sure whether you set it to gentle mode or not, because it can be damaged as a washing machine as well. You can remove it still slightly wet, and then spread it on the dryer to avoid the previously mentioned creases. After a while, the bed linen will be as good as new. 

The second method is just to hang the sheets in the open air and wait until it dries on their own. However, it you should remember to have it in a flat position to avoid any fabric distortion. Both methods are proven, effective and safe, so the choice depends entirely on the owner of the bed linen. 

How to iron flax bed linen?

It's difficult to find someone who likes to iron materials after they dry. Bed linen can become a salvation for such people because there’s no need to iron it. The material from which the bed linen is made allows you to put it just on the blanket. The point is that it will be a bit crumpled but it’s just a natural feature of such kind of bed linen. It doesn’t look really unattractive and definitely there’s a solution that’s worth considering.

The second way is to use a traditional iron. In case you want to iron linen sheets with an iron, its maximum temperature should not exceed 200°C, as this can damage the material. It’s also possible to iron with steam, which in the case of linen will work perfectly.

Why it’s worth choosing linen bedding for your bedroom?

Flax bed linen has many advantages and can serve as an investment for many years. Especially if you take care of it properly and follow above recommendations. If I had to answer the question honestly whether it is worth it picking flax bed linen sheets, I would say that if you have money it is worth it. - says an expert who runs her lifestyle blog. First of all, flax is useful for the skin, as it’s really difficult to sweat in it. In addition, it doesn’t attract dust, cause bacteria, and it’s durable and aesthetically aged as well. Also, it’s a natural material from which all kinds of clothing and textiles are made. European organic flax, which is used in such kind of products is very environmentally friendly. Moreover, the utilization of flax corresponds to the care for nature.